Concrete Sealing Melbourne

Concrete Sealing Melbourne Services

Johnsons Flooring offer a range of dedicated services for concrete sealing Melbourne. Designed to protect your concrete we can service floors ranging from small residential garages to industrial factories, commercial warehouses and shops. Concrete floors usually absorb water dirt, oil, and other contaminants. Epoxy flooring is the quick fix to this problem as it involves creating a layer that will prevent absorption and further retain its characteristics and aesthetics. If you already have a fresh new floor, our concrete sealing expert can create a stronger and more resilient epoxy sealing that will further retain its aesthetics and increase the lifespan of your floor.

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why get concrete sealing

Why Get Concrete Sealing Melbourne?

Sealing concrete surfaces may not seem like it’s necessary after the initial installation, but due to everyday extensive usage, the concrete can become discoloured, develop stains, create dust or sustain damage. Concrete sealing coats plain concrete, stained concrete, stamped concrete, integrally coloured concrete, exposed aggregate, stencilled concrete and more, protecting it from damage. Johnsons Flooring’s Concrete sealing will protect it against almost everything, from daily used substances such as oil and chemicals.

How does Concrete Sealing Melbourne Work?

The process of sealing an old concrete floor and new concrete are the same. The only difference being is if you have a freshly poured concrete slab you need to allow two weeks before sealing to allow for the moisture to evaporate. We then grind the concrete which gives the Epoxy coating something to key to, repair any holes and cracks and then apply the Epoxy floor in the finish of your choice.

Melbourne Concrete Sealing Services

At Johnsons Flooring, we specialise in concrete sealing. We grind your concrete back and then apply a specialized sealant, which will penetrate into your concrete and eliminate the risk of moisture damage and dust. It also ensures your concrete lasts and looks better for longer.

concrete sealing melbourne

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Here at Johnsons Flooring, our highly skilled professionals have great knowledge of Epoxy flooring, concrete, and sealing. We’re not only experts on concrete sealing Melbourne, but we are also passionate about rendering your floors for long-lasting, sturdier and better-looking floors. Sealing is a great way to restore old concrete to its original appearance. If you are looking for both great finish and finishing touch, Johnsons Flooring is your perfect choice.

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