Colour Charts


These are just a few of our most popular Epoxy floor colour choices. We have a wide range of standard colours available and we are able to colour match anything that you may be after!


Pipeline Grey

This is one of our most popular Epoxy flooring colours. It is perfect for residential garage floors as well as larger warehouses and shops/ offices. It offers a clean and neutral finish for your Epoxy floor.

Warratah Red

If you are after a bright bold Epoxy floor then warratah red maybe what you are after. It is a good choice if you are after line marking on your concrete floor due to its stand out nature.

Light Grey

This is a great Epoxy floor colour if you want something to lighten and brighten your room. It offers a pale grey finish that looks great in showroom and shop floors.


These are a few of our most popular Epoxy Flake finishes but we have a wide variety available. You can choose three or four colours of your choice that we can mix if you wish to match certain colours in a logo etc.




Blue Forest


New Cafe Black


Freckle epoxy flooring is a popular choice for garages, offices, gyms and more. With a dotted appearance you can create interesting floors without overwhelming. Choose your base colour and then match the colour of the flakes. You can create any colour scheme you want, to match your favourite colours, a business logo, school colours or anything else. You can create your own freckle look floor by picking a solid base color with your choice of flake.

Cloudy Grey

Cloudy Grey

With a light grey Epoxy finish and sprinkle of domino on top our cloudy grey has been very popular in garages and offices alike for a high end finish. It offers a high end sophisticated look that will help brighten your floor.


With a dark Epoxy finish and light flake on top Nightsky will provide you with a seamless, striking Epoxy floor that you will be proud to show off.

Storm Grey

With a darker grey and light flake on top this Epoxy floor colour has proved to be a great solution for barbers and shops wanting something a bit different.

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